Anne Bauer

Certified Coach
Energy Work

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Are you ready for deeper connections in your life?


I'm on a mission to help family businesses & business owners find alignment, clarity, & connection during times of transition. 

The lines of connection and communication in business
and in families can get really
tangled sometimes.

It can feel lonely.
But you're not alone.

“Anne is such a lovely, kindhearted person. We met in person once and once over video. This was my first experience with a coach, other than my nutrition/wellness coach. Anne saw a light in me that I knew was... but she took it several steps further. We talked through my resistance and she encouraged me to find ways to resource myself. I couldn't believe how much work we were able to do in two sessions." - Erica

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Changes in your life or in your business?


Maybe you know what you want to be doing but you’re having trouble getting started.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start.

Maybe you don’t know what you want - you just know it’s NOT THIS.

Ready for the next big step -

I’ve got you.

Space to process and get clarity.

Actionable steps to move forward.

Tracking & support for sustainable and deeply aligned change.


Book your Free 20 minute Support & Clarity Session
Together we’ll discuss your goals, desires, & challenges forming a plan to move forward with balance & sustainability.

"It is a joy and privilege to work with Anne as my life coach. She has helped me immensely by providing wisdom, guidance and tools to capture all of the chaos that swirls in my mind and distill it down into small, incremental steps that I can take to move toward creating the life and outcomes I desire. Our time together has created so much clarity around what matters most and how to serve from a place of my highest good. I love her patient and authentic approach, and the atmosphere of ease and calm she creates during our sessions. I highly recommend her to anyone who desires to be “unstuck” and move forward in a positive and loving way!" - Tonya


Ready for the next big step?